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Surrender Application
Please note, due to the shear number of cases we get asked to help with and the limited number of foster homes and funds, we have to now be far more selective about the cases we take in. To be considered for surrender, please fill out the surrender application below. Provide as much detail as possible, any incomplete portions on the application will result in your application being denied upon submission.

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Temperament/Personality Description:
Any known current or past health or temperament issues? If so, please list in detail ths issues, how it was treated if at all and associated dates:
Has this pet ever bitten a human or another animal? If so, what were the circumstances?
Where did this rat come from?
How long have you have this rat in your care?
Does this rat currently live with other rats? If not, have they ever lived or played with other rats?

Additional Background Information
Why are you unable to keep this rat(s)?
Is there anything we can do that would allow you to keep your pet?
What kind of habitat/cage does you pet live in? Please be as specific as possible inc. dimensions
Are you able to send this habitat/cage with your pet to his foster or new home?
What type of bedding do you use for your pet?
What items does your pet like in its habitat? (ex., running wheels, hammocks, tubes, etc.)
What diet is your pet on? Please be specific on brands and food specifics
Is your pet used to being handled? If so, how often did you handle him/her?
Has your pet been exposed to children? If so, what was their interaction?
Would you recommend this pet being placed in a home with children?
Has your pet been exposed to dogs and/or cats? If so, what was their interaction?
Would you recommend this pet being placed in a home with dogs and/or cats?

Surrenders Involving Litters (Babies Currently Nursing With Mom)
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its new foster home caretakers or its new forever home adopters to know about your pet?