WHY??? We are primarily a rehoming pet service and not a full time rescue nor do we maintain a physical building in which to house multiple rats. Each case that is surrendered to us must go to a foster who currently has no other rats in the home or currently fostering a case and we each case that comes in must pass a minimum 6 week iso quarantine prior to be approved to be put up for adoption as the GRR is serious about to isolating and preventing the spread of current and any new potential incoming disease (ie bacterial infections, viruses, funguses and parasites). Also due to a lack of fosters who can handle aggression cases, we are no longer accepting rats that bite or have any human biting history. If you still need our help, please contact us at GARatRescue@gmail.com with a filled out SURRENDER FORM. We are no longer accepting or will consider any case that does not have a completed surrender form submitted, this form is critical for us determining how we may be able to best help the rats in need and where they should go within our foster network.