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WHY??? The GRR is serious about to isolating and preventing the spread of current and any new potential incoming disease (ie bacterial infections, viruses, funguses and parasites) and we care about human health and safety. We have instituted a one case per one foster to adopt isolation and 6 month quarantine policy and therefore only have as much room available for incoming rats as there are open foster homes. We currently stand at only having two (2) foster homes in our network so we can only take in at most two (2) cases at any one time (provided they are not already with a case). Hence we will have to be selective about what cases we can help - We can no longer take in any case that includes rats that bite or have a  biting history. If you still need our help, please contact us at with a filled out SURRENDER FORM. We are no longer accepting or will consider any case that does not have a completed surrender form submitted, this form is critical for us determining how we may be able to best help the rats in need and where they should go within our foster network.

UPDATES as of 5/1/17 applying *ONLY* to the MAIN FOSTER COLONY: As per ELISA and IDEXX OptiSpot serology tests (12/21/16, 1/10/17, 5/1/17) the GRR is NEGATIVE  for Rat Bite Fever (S. Moniliformis) and Seoul Virus (Hantaan)! However we were positive for SDA, KRV, CARb (Official complete test results available upon request via email).

PLEASE BE AWARE!!! PSA: This also means that there was and may still be an active SDA viral outbreak within the state of Georgia! The GRR was infected with this deadly virus back in early Dec 2016 wiping out more than half of our foster rats and most of our foster's personal home pet colonies and costing us more than $3000 in veterinary care, medications and testing costs despite a full offsite 3+ week quarantine (we will now be instituting full 6 week quarantines moving forward). Through multiple serology tests we have confirmed antibodies for SDA as well as KRV (Kilham Rat Virus which affects breeding colonies, rat moms and infants). We suspect our SDA infection came in with one of our last cases for 2016 which involved a family who had purchased from a feeder/pet breeder in McDonough who posts on Craig's List available rats for sale that year. We had since instituted a full 6 month complete shut down of the rescue and quarantine of all foster colonies and we are now no longer SDA infectious. However we cannot pinpoint our CARb point of infection or timeline at this time but suspect we probably were infected in early 2016. Unfortunately no amount of quarantine can indicate or eliminate this particular bacterium... CARb (or CAR Bacillus) is an incurable, ongoing life-long infectious bacterium so we will remain a CARb positive rescue until current in-fostering cases are completely depopulated/adopted out, this means also there are placement restrictions when adopting from us (more details below) and we cannot take in any new surrenders -We cannot in good conscious and responsibility take in and expose any new rats to CARb. This also means that quite likely a majority of the 'breeders' in our state are CARb positive, many refuse testing or don't care to test - Even if you do not decide to adopt from us, please ask any of your sources that they are a responsible breeder/rescue and provide proof of up-to-date serology test results before even coming in contact with the source's home or rats.

PLEASE NOTE that most of these pathogens DO NOT AFFECT HUMANS, only rats and other select vector species. However Rat Bite Fever (S. Moniliiformis) and Seoul Virus (Hantaan) are transmittable to humans and can have human health repercussions which is why we have specifically tested for these for which we are NEGATIVE (ie this pathogen is not present in our colonies).  For more information on these pathogens, see:
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