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~ Foster Application ~
Please copy the above section of the application into an email and fill it out within your email to send to us at We will process your application as soon as we can but if you do not receive a reply back after 1 week please be sure to follow up with us in case we did not receive it for some reason. Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent/household.  We could not do what we do without our group of dedicated foster homes and people like you!

Applicant Information:
Today's Date
First & Last Name:
Physical Address of Where You Will Be Fostering:
Primary Contact Phone Number:
I understand that the GA Rat Rescue (hereafter "GRR") is very concerned about the security and safety of my foster rat(s) and all the rat(s) in its custody, as well as our ability to keep track of all animals rescued. We will not share this information for any reasons not connected to the foster care program or applicable lawsuits. Email will be the primary means of communication from the GRR, so if you don't check email regularly, please tell us how to best get in touch with you.

Level of Fostering - PLEASE NOTE We will no longer have several types of foster homes (except in Angel cases). Each foster will take in a single case and keep them during the required quarantine period (6 weeks) and then until they are placed/adopted of which the foster will co-host the Meet & Greets along with a GRR Representative or Admin. Average length of time our fosters keep a case is 2-3 months. Angel cases are those rats that we take in that are deemed unadoptable for health, temperament or age reasons, these cases are placed with Angel fosters who are willing to keep them for their lifetimes. Please indicate below if you are interested in being an Angel foster.
Number of rats you can foster is:
Restrictions on the type of rat you can foster:
Are you interested in being an Angel Foster:

The Home Environment- this gives us an idea of the home environment so we can best fit cases to your family's lifestyle. Please answer the following honestly and completely, your information may be verified
Choose One:
  • I own my home and am permitted to bring a rat or rats into my dwelling
  • I rent my home and am permitted to bring a rat or rats into my dwelling
  • I live with my parents/other family members in my home and am permitted to bring a rat or rats into my dwelling

Describe your home’s activity level:  Busy /noisy Moderate comings/going Quiet occasional guests
Please list all the children in your home by name & age:
Will these children be involved in the care and socialization of the GRR foster rats? Y      N
Where would the rat(s) be housed?  Spare room Main living room Bedroom Other ____________
List any animal experience, activities, or any other information you think it would be helpful for us to know about:

Current Pet Information - If you currently own/foster additional pets that will be living in the same residence as the GRR foster rats, please fill out the information below:
Please list all current companion animals that reside at the home, finish for each animal:
Name ____________  Age ___ Species ___________ (dog, cat, etc)  Breed __________  (for dogs only)  Gender ____  Spayed/Neutered: Y   N
Name ____________  Age ___ Species ___________ (dog, cat, etc)  Breed __________  (for dogs only)  Gender ____  Spayed/Neutered: Y   N

Do you use internal/external parasite preventative on your pets? YN
Will you allow your current pets to interact with the GRR foster rats? YN
Will you be able to foster the GRR foster rats away from other pets if needed? YN
List your current vet's contact information:
Does this vet see rats? YN
Will you be planning to use this vet for your GRR foster rats? YN

Is there anything you would like for us to know or additional questions for us?


Before submitting your fostering application to us, be sure you understand and agree
to the following GRR fostering policies:. This section does not have to be copied into your application submission
  • You acknowledge that you have completely read this application, comprehend it fully, know that applying does not ensure approval and that untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the forfeiture of any GRR rat(s) fostered by you. You certify that the above information is correct, and understand that the information may be verified.
  • You understand that although the GRR takes reasonable care to screen rats for foster placement, it makes no guarantee relating to the rat's health and temperament, behavior or actions prior to coming into GRR's care or during your fostering care period. You understand that the GRR will not be held responsible for any damages to property, person or pets that occur as a result of fostering. You understand that you receive foster rats at your own risk and can reject or return the rat(s) at any time if a secondary rehoming/fostering option is available. All time schedules for the return of foster animals are dependent upon space available in the rescue. Making additional ‘room’ for fostered animals could defeat the purpose of the entire program and that sometimes this may cause delays in being able to return the animals to GRR.
  • You understand that if the rat(s) become ill, it must be taken to the official GRR vet for treatment and any decision involving its veterinary treatment and subsequent medical/nursing care there-after is held strictly up to the GRR. The GRR pays for all vet care and medication needs through the official GRR vet and the rescue itself. Any veterinary costs incurred with a vet other than the official vet is at the sole expense of the foster. You understand that some rats may have to be euthanized due to poor health or aggression at the discretion of the GRR and/or at its official veterinary recommendation.
  • The rat(s) shall remain the sole property of the GRR. The rat(s) shall be returned to GRR upon request, or if you am no longer able to adequately care for them. Should GRR be concerned about the treatment or care of the fostered rat(s) they will be removed from my possession. You understand that you do not have any right or authority to keep or place foster rat(s) in other homes or with other individuals. All arrangements must have the prior approval of, and be made through GRR.
  • You agree to transport if needed the fostered rat(s) to the rescue when required by GRR including attending veterinary appointments when understand you must make arrangements with GRR before bringing the fostered animals in for treatment or to be returned. You must call/email (which ever is fastest) the GRR before bringing the foster rat(s) in for treatment or before any adoption placements or reservation agreements.
  • You agree to provide food, water, shelter (that has been given by GRR) and positive socialization/interaction to the foster rat(s) and to follow all medical and other instructions.
  • You understand that all foster animals should be confined to areas away from my own pets for at least the first 14 days, if necessary, especially for other rats, rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice,hamsters and gerbils.You understand that many viruses have an incubation period of 7-14 days minimum, sometimes longer, and understand that my own pets may be at risk of contracting a contagious virus. You accept that risk and the responsibility of treatment of my own pets if necessary, at your own expense. In the unfortunate circumstances that my foster rat(s) contract a virus, you understand that you may have a quarantine isolation period of up to 3 months or more - no rats in, no rats out.
  • You agree to not leave young children unsupervised with these animals.
  • You agree to return any food, supplies and equipment to GRR on completion or ending of fostering
  • This contract will remain in force while you are fostering animals on behalf of GRR and if may be revoked at any time by either party.
  • You agree to release and covenant to hold harmless GA Rat Rescue and its members from any claims, damages, costs, or actions incurred as a result of the care or actions of the animal. You accept full responsibility for the rat(s) actions at all times, and release the GRR from any liabilities or damages that may be incurred as a result of fostering such rat(s). You agree that the GRR is not liable under the concept of charitable. You will be asked to sign a fostering agreement based on these policies when you are approved to foster and prior to receiving your first foster rats.