The GA Rat Rescue's Guide to Pet Rat Care
Recommended Cages, Carriers, Bedding, Accessories, Food and Playpens

  • Martin's Cages Cage models R-680, R-685, R-695, R-699 in the powder coated option, with the 1/2"x1" bar spacing.
  • Cages should be large enough to allow for all the life cycles of your rat(s) from baby to elderly with possible medical/mobility problems and be as escape-proof/chew-proof as possible 9recommend drop in pan style cages like the Martins or metal pan styles like the CN with the Bass pan replacement) and with the right bar spacing (we recommend always go with 1/2"x1" max).

Travel Cages/Carriers
  • Martin's Travel Cages Travler models Mini Collapsible Carrier (CC-1811), Small Collapsible Carrier (CC-2414), Large Collapsible Carrier (CC-3018) in the powder coated option, with the 1/2"x1" bar spacing.
  • Modified Plastic Bin sytle carriers are sometimes an economical way to provide a large enough ventable, secured carrier.
  • Petmate's Pet Taxi Fashion (small) - Some cat carriers can be used depending on the size/age of the rat(s) you are adopting. We generally recommend using the smallest types of cat carriers with the smallest front door bar spacings as possible.
  • No cardboard boxes, bags, pet store cardboard carriers, Kritter Keepers, Critter Trails, glass tanks, cloth carriers

  • No Carefresh, wood/paper bedding or clay/pelleted litters

Cage Asseccories
  • Wodent Wheels get the Senior or Wobust models, the Jr can be too small for adults
  • SuperPet's Igloos get the Large or Giant models (mini and itty bitty are going to be too small)
  • Most bird toys/hanging chew toys/ropes/ledges/level additions.
  • Carboard boxes, tissue paper, paper tubes, etc.
  • NO Rolling Balls (Run-About Balls)!

  • NO seed mixes, alphapha pellets, bird seed, dog/cat/pig/other animal food, self-made unsupported homemade mixes
  • Brands to Stay Away From: Kaytee, SunSeed

Play Pens

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