Adopting From the GA Rat Rescue
Welcome to our adoption page and Thank you for considering adopting from us!

Pet rats are intelligent, social animals who do best when housed in pairs or groups. You can learn more about how to care for pet rats, the best cages for pet rats and more in the Pet Rat Care Section from the North Star Rat Rescue and for recommendations on cages and other care items see our Guide to Pet Rat Care. Here's some important things to know about the GRR before contacting us to adopt:

  • WE ARE A FOSTER HOME-BASED RESCUE - All of our listed Available rats are all in the custody of the GRR and reside in foster homes throughout metro Atlanta area & surrounding suburbs and cities. We do not have a physical shelter or a centralized foster location. We cannot ship rats and at this time we cannot provide transport help (i.e. set up trains to get rats to you or deliver rats to your home). You must be able to travel to meet the animal’s foster family for our Meet & Greet Adoption Dates but we will work together to make your family happen!
  • WE HOST MEET & GREETS as part of our adoption procedure instead of straight exchange adoptions - This means that we will hold specific adoption day events called Meet & Greets where individual adopters and their families can come to the foster home to meet the rats. This method best allows for us to see how the family gets along with/bonds to the rat(s) and vice versa so we can make the best matchups possible. This event is not a guarantee that an adopter will walk away with rat(s) to take home nor is it a full commitment that you must take home rat(s) if you attend either.
  • TO GET STARTED - Fill out our Adoption Application and follow the instruction to submit. Only pre-approved applicants will be eligible to attend a Meet & Greet (this is for the protection of our rats). PLESAE NOTE: If you are younger than 18, the adoption application must be filled out by a parent/guardian and they will be the ones legally adopting and signing the paperwork at the time of actual adoption and take home. WE NO LONGER PROCESS NEW APPLICATIONS ON HOLIDAYS OR WEEKENDS
  • ADOPTION FEES -  We ask a $10 per individual rat no matter age, sex, type or look with multiple rat adoption discounts and $30 for any neutered male rats/$50 for any spayed female rats. Multiple adoption fee discounts are available for adopting 3 or more.

Our Currently Available Rats
Please note that we may have new cases and other rats in custody that may not be listed on our PetFinder listing, do not let that stop you from applying as you don't need to request specific rats or cases to get the adoption process going with us! For more information on each animal or if you have questions in general, please contact us at