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Application for Pet Rat Adoption For the GA Rat Rescue

The following application allows us to ensure that we match the right rat(s) to you and your family. Please copy the following questions into an email, fill out the application's questions there and send it directly to us at our primary email address Any unanswered or incomplete questions will automatically be returned for further completion. Generally we try to review and respond to each application for approval within three (3) days, but please be patient. If you do not receive a reply in the three (3) day period, please follow up immediately with us so we can ensure a continued adoption process.
Today's Date:
Your Information
Primary Email:
City & State of Residence:
Primary Phone Number (if you want us to call/text you as the primary means of communication):
Are you willing/able to travel to the metro Atlanta area to meet for adoption pick ups (Yes or No)?
Are you over 18 years of Age (Yes or No)?
  • If under 18, please list your age? ____ Please note you must have your parent/guardian contact us as well.
Do you have permission to keep pet rats at your residence (Yes or No)?
Are there children/minors (individuals age 18 and under) in your household (Yes or No)?
  • If yes, please list their specific ages:
  • If yes, are they going to participate in the rat's care and socialization?
Are there animals other than rats in your home (Yes or No)?
  • If yes, what other animals do you own?

Your Rat Ownership Experience Level
Have you ever owned rats?
   If YES, for how many years?
   If NO, please follow below:
  • How much research have you done on pet rat ownership?
  • Have you ever held/interacted with a rat? If so, please describe:

Your Preferences
How many are you considering adopting?
Are you interested in adopting males or females?
Must they be spayed/neutered (If so, please tell us why)?
*Please note while there are some benefits to spaying or neutering, we suggest that spays (these are very invasive, painful and risky for the ladies) and neuters only be done if there is a medical need, a pregnancy prevention necessity (for mixed sex colonies) or for overly hormonal/aggression reasons as it is a surgery with associated risks and its costly to both us and you, the adopters.
If there is a particular case you are interested in meeting, please list them here:

Basic Care Questions
*If your unsure about what cages/carriers, food, bedding, etc to get,  check out our Recommendation List
Please list the following information or photo on the CARRIER you have or plan to use for housing-
  • Manufacturer and model or general description if unknown:
  • Bar spacing size:
  • Dimensions: __________ Height x __________Width x __________ Length
Please list the following information or photo on the CAGE you have or plan to use for housing-
  • Manufacturer and model or general description if unknown:
  • Bar spacing size:
  • Dimensions: __________ Height x __________Width x __________ Length
What kind of BEDDING or BEDDING SYSTEM (ie, fleece liners) will you use?
What kind of CAGE ACCESSORIES (ie, igloos, hammocks, tubes, etc) will you give them?
What will you FEED your rats (be specific about the brands and types)?
How will you set up outside the cage PLAYTIME and PLAY AREAS (be as detailed as possible)?
Do you plan on breeding?
List the name of the veterinarian you will be using and all relevant contact information:
Does this veterinarian see rats?
*Note that you must have an appropriate vet that sees rats that you will be using listed prior to any final approval & placement

Your Current  Rats  (For those who already own rats at the time of this application)
Please list your current rats (must include age, sex and if they are already spayed/neutered):
Will you quarantine your new rescue rats from your current rats?
  • If yes, please describe your quarantine plan and set-up:
Do you plan on introducing your new rats to live with your current rats?
  • If yes, please describe how you will be doing introductions:

Is there anything else you would like me to know regarding adopting from us?
Please enter any and all questions you  may have for the rescue itself and/or the foster parents here: