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Fostering With The GA Rat Rescue
Welcome to our fostering page and Thank you for considering being a GRR Foster!

New Fostering Procedures effective as of June 1st 2017 - PLEASE READ The GRR is serious about to isolating and preventing the spread of current and any new potential incoming disease (ie bacterial infections, viruses, funguses and parasites) and we care about human health and safety. Because of this we will be instituting a new, hopefully more protected, method of fostering as well as simplifying the process to make it easier for new fosters to come on board - please see below.

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A GRR FOSTER: We try to make the experiences as fun and rewarding as possible without a lot of commitment and cost to you, the GRR provides all fosters with the following:
  • Cage (whatever is a suitable manageable size for you and your home while keeping minimal housing requirements intact)
  • Carrier/Nursing Iso Cage
  • Play pen
  • Bedding (we use a system of fleece/fabric liners and will provide enough material for several cage change outs, all you need to do is wash the fabric in your washing machine. We generally do not provide ongoing detergent/cleaning solution or a budget for this)
  • Rat Block Food (we provide all the main bulk food they will be fed - Harland Teklad 2016 lab block - but generally we do not provide daily/weekly fresh foods and veggies or a budget for this)
  • Hardware items (Water bottle, food dish, litter box, wheel, PVC tubes, space pods, igloos, etc)
  • Comfort items (Hammocks, 'stuffing' for burrowing, cloth cubes, cloth tubes, level liners and ladder covers)
  • Treats & Chew Items
  • First Aid Kit (you will get basic antibiotics/medications, nursing and wound care items, syringes/bowls, etc) and instrustions on how and when to use them
  • Driving services (we will drive the case to your home, take the case for veternary services as/if needed and bring you supplies/set you up)

WHAT CHANGES IN OUR FOSTERING PROCESS TO BE AWARE OF: Because of what we went through in the last 6 months, ongoing concerns about infectious outbreaks in the state and the nature of some of these pathogens (specifically CARb) we will be handling our foster program differently.
  • There are no longer different types of fosters - We will no longer have a seperate 'Quarantine" foster and regular "Standard" foster, Each foster will take in their respective case and will keep them until they are adopted.
  • We can no longer transfer case(s) between fosters - Every case will be isolated completely from the time they are signed over to us till they leave in a new adopters car. Each foster will have to keep their respective case for a minimum of 6 weeks (for quarantine reasons) before they can be placed up for adoption and have any visitors...we will however be already looking for a new home for the case during this time so that once they complete and pass their quarantine and health/temperament evaluations they can immediately start Meet & Greets and find a new home quickly.
  • Fosters can no longer have their own personal rat(s) in the home or any vector species which is mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits. ferrets but cats, dogs, horses/barn animals are ok.

1) Email us at with your completed application for fostering, we will review it ASAP and you will get a confirmation email back if you have been approved to be a GRR Foster as well as info on potential new cases that need our help.
2) Once a case has been selected we will arrange for one of our GRR Admins to handle the surrender & paperwork offsite and the case will be brought to your home. We will either bring you all the needed foster care items to your home along with the case and help you set up everything or we will bring any supplies you may be out of if our already set up as a foster.
3) Once you have your case you will provide basic feeding & cleaning care as well as attention, outtime and playtime while you have the case for the 6 week quarantine time plus any additional time needed till they find their new home and leave your home with their new family.
4) Once your case is officially up for adoption we will begin hosting Meet & Greets at your home, these are informal adoption events when prospective adopter(s) come out to meet the rats in their familiar foster home environment. All prospective adopter(s) are carefully screened, referral checked and must be pre-approved prior to coming out. All personal/private information is used strictly in confidence to keep privacy and security and get your case adopted out to the right home with the right people as safely as possible.
5) You then choose whether you want to go onto the next case or take a break, its all up to you.

  • Internships (we cannot give you credit)
  • Offer daily visits to the foster home to help clean/play with the rats (we have no physical centrally located facility/quarantine reasons)
  • Girl Scouts badge opportunities (we have no physical centrally located facility or program)
  • Give you a weekly budget/cash allowance (we simply do not have the funds to offer this at this time)
  • Give out your information (absolutely your privacy and safety are paramount to us and we take it seriously)
  • Foster with anyone under 18 years of age without parental/guardian consent and signing (legally you must be 18 or over to enter into a fostering contract with us)
  • Pay you for your fostering services (we are a non-profit volunteer based rescue and do not have the funds)