The Georgia Rat Rescue
Making a difference one small life at a time
Mr. Haskell B. Cuddles & Cininnattus aka "Lt.Capt.Commander Data"

We were contacted by a student at GA State University about a concerning case of a school prank gone wrong involving two scared helpless rats caught in the middle of it all. In an effort to scare some female students, two "rats" were tossed into their dorm room. We were informed at the time of pickup even more grim details of their case that there was a going pool in the dorm as to what to do with the rats including killing them, drowning them, experimenting on them, releasing them into the wild or making them 'fight each other to the death'. We were fortunate that a student who had witnessed the event was an animal lover and safely took them in until he could find them a home or a rescue.These boys are available as neutered males. Please be sure to fill out the application for adoption, you will be required to do so before being approved to adopt.
Update 5/12/13 - Inital Evaluation: These two boys are very sweet boys and will make really nice pets. They came to us as "Cuddles" and "Cincinnattus" given to them by the student who saved them but they have earned their big new names. Though small in size right now, Data has a huge personality and is the more out going of the pair. Cuddles is a quiet personality that will be a big bonder with his new owner over some quality TV time. They are both healthy and have been neutered. We estimate Data's DOB somewhere around late Jan 2013 and Cuddles DOB around March 2013.

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