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Posted 5/21/13
Buttercup, Bonanza, Belle and Brunhild

Buttercup (aka Buddlegum) is an outgoing, energetic and interactive petite black hooded girl with lots of spunk, playfullness and a big personality to match. She is from the DeMino litter case born 12-24-12.
Bonanza is a beige self with a sweet outgoing personality and holds the most promise from the Bramblett litter II case born 2-4-13
Belle and Brunhild are somewhat quiet reserved agouti berk girls from the Bramblett litter II case born 2-4-13 and are also one of the more promising social girls from that case.

These girls currently reside together and are available preferred as a foursome
or can be split up as two pairs with Buttercup/Belle and Bonanza/Bruhild as the pairs.
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Buttercup @ 7 wks
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